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Goyard Saint Louis Large Tote Bag

Founded in 1853, as the ancestors of the French family box business ,Goyard ever compromise creating time here in craftsmanship and creative design, make the maverick bags aesthetics in Paris from loyal to the original history .For 160 years,  by drawing type Y words printed fabrics from the 19th century and consistent quality , make Goyard art travel fragrance. Goyard Saint – […]

Saint Laurent Monogramme Goatskin Leather Bag

To start with Saint Laurent Monogram series of two bag , this series around the brand logo designed by artist Pierre Cassandre in 1961 at the invitation of Yves Saint Laurent, the brand logo design and creation Monogram series contains two design elements. The Materazzi v-shaped pique leather ,which is used in a lot of bags, 1974 […]

BvIgarl Serpenti Forever Leather Shoulder Bags

Having old jewelry brand qualifications, however, Bulgari do not have bags which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people until the “Serpenti” series package, finally let bulgari occupy a position in bags line. After see all kinds of portable, single shoulder bag, maybe you just need a eye-catching bag for hot summer .cool […]

Delvaux Le Mutin Saddle Bag

Since 1883, Delvaux has always been a Belgian royal imperial leather supplier, from former Paola queen to  Mathilde queen are all Delvaux VVVIP .In addition, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna , socialite  on the east Olivia Palermo and are also Delvaux fans. This 185 – year – old veteran is self-perpetuating from generation to generation, exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious materials […]

Prada Corolle Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bags

Halfway through in March, the weather gets warmer, willow sprout, it is good time for a spring outing. when you Strolling mountains, grass green, flower blossoms. Delicate flowers is the most beautiful items in spring, and it is also the favourite elements of the designers .roses for dior,camellias for chanel, Cartier’s orchid and so on ,all is […]

CH Lambskin Leboy Shoulder Bags

The classic Chanel Leboy Shoulder Bags  is always give a person very elegant impression of the woman.Since the September 2011 Le Boyle boy chanel become the new members of the Chanel family, .Karl Lagerfeld named it for Leboy, the single and biggest reason is probably the Miss Chanel’s Boyish attitude,.if you’ve ever seen Miss coco Chanel […]

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