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Gucci Broche GG Supreme Top Handle Bag

In 2017, the most popular bag without the Gucci? Several of Gucci bag is already firmly established in the bag world. The last fashion show we saw the fox head design of Gucci handbags, thought the physical so good-looking, the bamboo handle, main is now fully return with a new generation of Gucci trademark design, […]

Gucci Lilith Leather Top Handle Bag

Gucci in early spring 2017 launch two features classic bamboo handle bag series: Nymphaea pearl series handbags and Lilith handbags series. Creative director Alessandro Michele unique personality aesthetics showing feminine charm into the new series of handbags The two series are used for Gucci classic bamboo handle, but the style in different ways. Handbag called […]

Gucci Dionysus Floral Jacquard Top Handle Bag

William Shakespeare once said: “time behind a travelling bag, containing many give people forget.” Friedrich Nietzsche also said: “wine god Dionysus represents the wild, dreams, intoxicated spirit, together with aesthetic temperament ─ ─ in fact, life is like works of art.”Today we go to see this art work——Gucci Dionysus Floral Jacquard Top Handle Bag.   […]

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme shoulder bag

Everyone have to admit that since Alessandro Michele taking office, Gucci became more young girl and more charming. Gucci Dionysus bag is the first bag Alessandro designed of wine god name Dionysus comes from the ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Sector is the handbag, but has its place in the new classic Bag even in […]

Fendi Peekaboo Nappa Handbag

Peekaboo Bag series was born In the Fendi 88 anniversary, in English it means “hide-and-seek”, is by the soft suede and most honourable delicate leather handbags. As its name evokes, exceeding the age or popular terminology used to describe those things to be simple to have transparency and slit mouth, the bags with label significance […]

Fendi By the Way Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi is famous Italian luxury brand, formally founded in Rome in 1925, specializing in the production of high quality fur products. In 1965, with Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, Fendi gradually increased the haute couture, men’s clothing, shoes, boots, perfumes, development so far, Fendi brand with its costly furs and classic handbag senior fashion industry enjoys high […]

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