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Celine Large Cervical Stripe Leather Belt Knot Bags

Since Phoebe Philo after capturing the Celine in 2010 almost every Bag become fashionable circle of the most popular Bag in IT, the 2014 main Belt Bag is one of them, because there are two long Bag hanging over the sides, much like the modelling of catfish, so also called “catfish package” in China.   […]

Celine Suede Phantom Medium Tote Bag

In 1945, female designers to Celine, Celine Vipiana open the first shop in Paris “Celine, Le bottier pour enfants”, started with selling the senior boys shoes, since 1959, women’s clothing, handbags become Celine main project.   In this century, people immediately think of Celine as the smiling face pack, a popular Tote bag that has […]

Celine Belt Knot Togo Calfskin Leather Bag

In the It Bag in the world, the Celine always has its place, designer Phoebe Philo design a leisurely popular fashion when red Bag in IT, of course mentioned Celine bags maybe you first thought is the smiling face pack.It’s not the smiley face, but theĀ Celine Belt Knot Leather Bag   The Bag inherits the […]

Celine Phantom Medium Tote Bag

In 1945, female designer Celine Vipiana’s first store in Paris, “Celine, Le bottier pour enfants,” started with a sale of advanced boy shoes, which has been around for more than 60 years.Since 1959, women’s wear and handbags have become the main project of Celine.   The various patterns on the Celine handbag, such as the […]

Celine Tie Top Handle Original Leather Bag

Tie Tote Bag, inspired by the Celine Phantom Tote Bag, is again standing in front of the spotlight.   Celine itself is also constantly pushing out new, autumn’s upcoming Tie series, which is undoubtedly the continuation of this style package.   Celine Tie Top Handle BagĀ is made from the top of the leather, using the […]

Celine Trotteur Calfskin Leather Shoulder Bag

Celine Bag is a classic more popular, how this needless to say, the deserved first brand “It Bag”, one of the most popular that everyone know a few, fire to the passers-by collision risk package is as high as 90%.   Trotteur Shoulder bag, once a one-time fireman, has become the main force in Celine2015’s […]

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