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Chanel Leather Classic Flap Shoulder Bags

Chanel was born at the beginning, with its concise, elegant, comfortable style to stand out in a lot of red ribbon, break tradition, achievement vogue. However, the classic chanel flap bag is also used in the modern urban women’s wardrobe, which is indispensable for the modern urban women.Today, let me take you into the classic, know […]

Chanel Woven Flap Shoulder Bag

Gold chain belt, ringer.The classic Chanel handbag has long been known around the world and continues to be adored by women.   Luxury brands bring lot of goods, but luxury represents not only the brand, but also the shape, which is more representative of the pursuit of high quality of life.   Exquisite workmanship, suitable […]

Chanel Top Handle Flap Shoulder Bag

This year’s super IT bag, except for the Gabrielle bag, still includes Chanel coco handle bag   Chanel Top Handle Flap Shoulder Bag is using a small sweet classic leather – caviar leather, the cow leather is black particles bump, because of this characteristic, the cowhide, also known as caviar leather, professionals in the industry is also called […]

Chanel Leather 2.55 Classic Flap Shoulder Bags

After April 8, the whole line of Chanel products will increase by 38 %! Is it justifiable? Whether 2.55 or another Chanel bag is indeed exquisite craftsmanship, extremely fastidious, but the price of a bag rises from more than 2500 euro to more than 4000 Euro is reasonable? The answer is determined by the market, and, of course, from another […]

Chanel Coco Lambskin Top Handle Shoulder Bag

This is an interesting fashion topic that we’ve always wanted to say we don’t know how to make it clear. Why do women love handbags?   The top spot on almost all luxury brand sales is handbags; Even our beloved bags are named after the woman we love: because Diana, Tod’s has a best-selling global d-bag;With […]

Chanel Leboy Leather Woven Flap Shoulder Bags

The simplicity of the Chanel Leboy Leather Woven Flap Shoulder Bags design is full of the classic Chanel elements.It is low-key and introverted, with a little boy’s temperament, it can be free to carry in two ways, and the individual metal chain is connected with the large circular link, which emits the ancient bronze metallic texture […]

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