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Chloe Marcie Satchel medium bag

Chloe started with leather in 1946 and has a history of 60 years.Since 1999, women’s handbags have become the mainstay of Chloe.The first boutique was sold in children’s shoes, followed by a series of leather goods.   Exquisite practical it, a stitch in the ground to make the products such as the handmade fine products, is […]

Chloe Mini Bracelet Faye Bag

IT Bag, you will find that there are a lot of have been quickly forgotten by the people, and some have made the fever is not retreated, family star Bag Chloe Marcie is such a pampered in the IT world Bag, the Hollywood actress almost all the street back such a Chloe handbags! Born in […]

Chloe Small Hudson Braided Leather Shoulder Bag

Speaking of Chloe, faye, last year, and drew the classic hot style for a whole year, sell like hot cakes in next consciousness also buy these classic, Chloe and innovation of this year, will be color matching, restore ancient ways, tassels, these all popular element concentrated in a small bag, this is Hudson series.   […]

Chloe Faye Medium Shoulder Bag

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag is absolutely hottest package, In this season after Drew pig bag and a popular product, light so you can imagine how hot it, but just listed six months have been sold to out of stock of this kind of enough to tell. Chloe this season represent the thick Bohemian, and round buckle […]

Chloe Faye Backpack In Smooth & Suede Calfskin

Just about a year ago, I felt that Chloe was struggling with its handbags. But over the past year the brand released two new bags that have been seen on many of the most fashionable ladies. First was the Chloe Drew, a structured and ladylike bag that has been carried by many. The latest addition is […]

Chloe Medium Nile Bracelet Bag in Smooth and Suede Calfskin

When the long winter be left behind, Spring has quietly come near. Girls are the most beautiful seneries in this season ,Perhaps a romantic dress, or sweater jeans languid ,but no matter what kind of dress up, have to involve with a beautiful easily play bag . 2017 Chloe series vividly capture Chloe girl’s frech contracted style […]

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