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Delvaux Tempete Box-Calf Leather GM satchel Bag

There’s no more than Delvaux, the Belgian brand, to say about Mrs Kennedy’s favourite bag.   But her special status has made it impossible for her to become a direct ambassador to any commercial advertisement.Wise Delavux thought of a clever way — in a 1961 advertisement, they used a model to dress up as Mrs. […]

Delvaux Tempete Box-Calf Leather Bag

Ode to Qian holding the purple Delvaux Tempete in You from the stars easilyl pressure her “sister”, Delvaux , the super old brand in Asia from Belgium suddenly fired up.       Delvaux its unique package is the most attractive profile design, so that the modern streamline design came from a 186 – year – […]

Delvaux Le Mutin Saddle Bag

Since 1883, Delvaux has always been a Belgian royal imperial leather supplier, from former Paola queen to  Mathilde queen are all Delvaux VVVIP .In addition, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna , socialite  on the east Olivia Palermo and are also Delvaux fans. This 185 – year – old veteran is self-perpetuating from generation to generation, exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious materials […]

Delvaux Brilliant MM box-calf bag and grained leather bag

Hi, Delvaux Fans, comes again. Last time we talked about the Delvaux Tempete GM box-calf satchel, and many people love it mad, and bought the top grade quality 1:1 Mirror Delvaux Tempete GM box-calf satchel from . Now, I want to recommend you another Delvaux hotsale bag, yes, that’s the Delvaux Brilliant MM box-calf […]

Delvaux Madame Mini Shoulder bags

Today, I want to recommend the Designer Delvaux bags again, because it’s a real hotsale and most popular designer bag in 2015 collections. Last article we know that Delvaux is an age-old brand as Hermes, since 1829, for Beligum Royal special bags. Here we show you the newest Delvaux Madame Mini Shoulder bags.   Delvaux […]

Delvaux 1967 Tempete GM satchel

Delvaux 1967 Tempete GM satchel

Do you know Delvaux Designer bags? It’s the oldest fine leather luxury goods company in the world, founded in 1829 in Brussels, Belgium. Maker of handbags, small leather goods and accessories for Belgium Royal special bags. But it becomes to a popular bag, just from 2014. Today, I would like to introduce you the Delvaux […]

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