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Givenchy Horizon Medium Leather Satchel Bag

It’s easy to know that Givenchy’s bag design is simple, but each one has a personality.And these models are can stand the test of time, Nightingale, Pandora and Antigona, these three bags are almost all in after a period of time, slowly, and fight for a place in the bag, became the most iconic and […]

Givenchy Antigona Medium Togo Leather Satchel Bags

The “Antigona” handbag of Givenchy is the “go-to guy” in the brand bag collection.   Givenchy Antigona Medium Togo Leather Bags selects the flawless black leather and wear-resisting canvas lining in the Italian made a crisp packet body profile, have enough ample space to receive essential supplies needed for the work or weekend, multiple pockets are […]

Givenchy Mini Antigona Bag Goat Leather

Some people think: “when everyone is carrying the same bag out of the street, she doesn’t look so special, and this bag loses its meaning.”There is some truth to this way of thinking, but the fact is that a bag that can withstand the baptism of time has a wealth of history and creative storytelling […]

Givenchy Large Antigona Bag Goat Leather

These days Miranda has fascinated by the house of Givenchy Antigona bags, water chestnut and clear box handbags, classic black, could be called joker artifact in bag bag, no choice whether Kerr casual or elegant, Antigona bags can be arbitrary collocation among them, the classic Antigona in from color to design, capacity, practical and classic. […]

Givenchy Antigona Togo Leather Satchel Bags

Some people think that: “when everyone is carrying the same bag out of the street, she looks just won’t be the special grab an eye, so this kind of bag will lose its meaning”.This way of thinking has its certain truth, but in fact a bag that can stand the baptism time, its rich history […]

Givenchy Pandora Medium Leather Satchel Bag

I don’t know if you still remember the Givenchy Pandora Leather Satchel Bag, that’s a most popular bag in the passed year, it’s like a Pandora’s Box, win many women’s favorite , just because many new beautiful bags come, someone forgot it for a while. So today, I want to talk this Givenchy Pandora Medium […]

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