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Prada Cahier Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

The classic and simple fashion brand Prada was popular with European princes in the 1920s and 1930s.Nowadays, Prada has become synonymous with luxury goods, and the classic inverted triangle logo is the coveted brand identity of many fashion fans.   This season Prada’s Cahier Bag is definitely the hot item of the fashion circle, a rising […]

Prada Paradigme Calfskin Double Handle Shoulder Bag

Prada brand was founded in 1913 so far, still passing on milan’s traditional process technology, to create more famous classic luxury item in practicability and vigorous   The classic PRADA is a representative luxury brand in Italy over the past 100 years. Its bags are simple and elegant in design style and excellent in quality […]

Prada Cahier Suede Leather Lion Head Flap Shoulder Bag

Everyone has seen that beautiful “The Devil Wears Prada”, with Prada in The name of The movie, which can be seen in The eyes of friends who like The big name, Prada is not light weight!   Since 1913, Mario Prada has started Prada, and it’s been amazing!In 1919, Prada was designated as the official […]

Prada Cahier Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

To speak of the Prada Cahier handbags, it originally was born in autumn/winter 2016 shows, shaped like a reliable and durable notebook, back in the body is a magic, can put the girl’s heart as if all the little secrets and those happy memories in it, can always take a turn.   The Prada Cahier Leather […]

Prada Litchi Leather Tote Bag BN2324

A legendary bag, always has a cool name, such as prada killer package, read: there must be drawn to sexy cool Russian woman killer live, maybe it is the opposite of the most attractive characters From Paris actress legna du is also appeared in many movies, including quantity of lesbian romantic story of Adele’s life […]

Prada Arcade Calfskin Shoulder Bag

Prada, which was on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1970s, has taken the brand out of the woods by the granddaughter of its founder, Mario, and his son-in-law.Until last year, there was a wave of fashion.But Prada Arcade Calfskin Shoulder Bag are often the darling of the stars Last year, liu wen posted Prada Arcade […]

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