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Chanel Gabrielle Woven Leather Shoulder Bags

Many people are asking what is this year’s hottest package of the Chanel handbags, while we can see there are a lot of female star back out of a Gabrielle bag. Gabrielle bag is Chanel handbags, it also has another name, hobo handbags.     Whether it’s a slit cuff, a big bow-tie shirt, or a painter’s cap, the Chanel […]

Chanel Abortive Calfskin Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

For many women, when it comes to Chanel, they want to have should be 2.55 in the classic case grain bag, although now chanel is already walk in the front of the trend, but unable to stop the people who are in classic style love. For classic Chanel Flap Bag never stop the design steps, […]

CH Lambskin Leboy Shoulder Bags

The classic Chanel Leboy Shoulder Bags  is always give a person very elegant impression of the woman.Since the September 2011 Le Boyle boy chanel become the new members of the Chanel family, .Karl Lagerfeld named it for Leboy, the single and biggest reason is probably the Miss Chanel’s Boyish attitude,.if you’ve ever seen Miss coco Chanel […]

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